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Emerson Channel Sports: Not Your Average Network
ECS is a co-curricular organization that incorporates all communication majors offered at Emerson College from journalism to production to marketing. We have a large - and growing - reach of dedicated parents, family, friends and athletes at Emerson and around the country. ECS is a great source of hands-on, professional opportunities that help Emerson College in their expansion into sports communication.

emerson_basketball_madison_eli_lucas 10636806_762816643777243_1320620872505473024_ojpg 

All home basketball and volleyball games are broadcasted live, showing on both the Emerson Channel and streamed online at emersonchannel.org/sports. These games are showcased thanks to our all-student crew that works each game.

  • Director, technical director, audio mixer, floor director, camera operators
  • Executive and associate producers
  • Engineers
  • Segment teams

10974336_828331290559111_4086711999311448429_ojpg 1899486_828330947225812_189658194041930590_ojpg

What is a broadcast without on-camera talent? Everyone you see or hear in our broadcasts are students covering the different elements of a live sports broadcast.

  • Studio pre-show, half time show and post-show with two hosts
  • Play-by-play and color commentary
  • Sideline reports and interviews
  • Segment Talent

10620058_786719014720339_6942429151596508472_ojpg 1956894_752461451479429_1185278311983851036_ojpg

And if you can't make it to the game? No worries, our marketing team has you covered. We have so much content, you would never guess that it is all done by students.

  • Live social media coverage for all home games, all sports
  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vine, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn
  • Promotions for games and special events
  • Interactive daily posts promoting both athletes and ECS crew and talent
  • Photography of athletes at all home games and ECS behind-the-scenes
  • Host events promoting the inclusion of Athletics with the rest of the Emerson community
  • Produce promotional videos showcasing the athletes and ECS crew and talent
Need more examples? Check out "Fierce: Women's Volleyball 2014"and "Men's Basketball Season Preview with Eli Kell-Abrams" today!

10397024_766278526768658_8203989894090526985_ojpg 903422_635014463224129_2008370668_ojpg

Building our Broadcast
Through this fundraiser, we wish to purchase an updated switchboard¹, the brain of all of our broadcast equipment and operations. Having this updated piece of technology will allow us to really expand and advance as a professional broadcasting opportunity in doing the following:

  • Initiates the start of more updated equipment purchases
  • Display graphics throughout our broadcasts showcasing team and player statistics, game match ups, names, etc.
  • Air the promotional videos that our marketing teams make on our broadcasts
  • Air the player profiles, behind the scenes and team update segments that our segment teams make on our broadcasts
¹ the specific switchboard that we are looking to purchase is a 12 input Ross
CrossOver 16 Switcher which features a DVE, Still Store, and built in Multi-viewer. This piece of equipment has been selected by the Manager of Emerson College's Vin Di Bona Television Studios, Antonio Ascenso, and approved by the Emerson Channel Advisor, Diana Barton.

10708586_755670341158540_1368254842585322879_o 1jpg 10659010_765167050208869_7299314898144526769_ojpg cal_laird_emerson_baseball

Expanding our Education
Why help ECS? It is more than a group of kids talking about sports, it's a movement for Emerson College toward growing a reputation in sports communication and broadcasting excellence

  • We’re one of the largest emerging organizations on campus with our production and marketing staff having grown upwards of 500% in the last year
  • Our reach has expanded across the country, which has raised the standards of our broadcasts therefore puts more demands on our equipment
  • Our technology is limiting our capabilities and room for growth, therefore the student initiatives to try new techniques in film, broadcast, and communications often do not air due to our outdated equipment
  • These funds will allow our team to expand their skill set, bring a better broadcast to our growing audience, and bolster the reputation of Emerson College in sports communication

Emerson Channel Sports Changed My Life 

  Published on Tuesday, May. 5, 2015 at 01:05 AM (EDT)
With two days left in our campaign, I wanted to write an update on why this fundraiser means so much to not only me but the rest of our ECS Family.

During my freshman year at Emerson, I didn't feel like I had a place in the Emerson community until I found ECS. As part of the marketing team, I don't do much with the broadcasts but am able to see how impactful they are to our fans - whether it's parents watching their kids or just fellow Emersonians supporting their classmates.

So how has ECS changed my life? We wanted to find a way to reach our fans and engage with them by providing valuable content. To do this, I began photographing every home game that we covered on social media so that the athletic community and athlete achievements would be visually highlighted. I was dubbed the "Chief Photographer" after only a few months because my photos were so successful with our fans on social media. Since then, over the past two years, I've photographed almost every game for almost every sport and have grown a program at ECS where students interested in sports photography can gain experience.

Much like other students who are a part of this organization, I had never used the equipment that I do before joining ECS. ECS provided me with the support and experience necessary to succeed, the tools and the foundation to learn about an industry important to me.

Not only has ECS allowed me to gain the necessary experience to get a job with a professional sports team in their marketing department, but it has also been one of the best times of my life. I have met some of my greatest and best friends because of Emerson Channel Sports. For next year, I've handed my position as Chief Photographer over to someone else and won't be photographing every home game, but have built a program that I hope to see succeed in the future.

Emerson Channel Sports has changed all our lives - whether you're an athlete, a parent, a friend, a member, or a fan.

By supporting our fundraiser, you're supporting our dreams. Many of those who participate in Emerson Channel Sports aspire to work in the sports industry, but we can't achieve that without the proper equipment. 

We Know You Care! 

  Published on Sunday, Apr. 19, 2015 at 02:37 AM (EDT)
It's been a busy week here at ECS! We first owe another thank you to all our amazing supporters who have generously spread our message and contributed to our campaign. We're now 24% of the way there!


We're also grateful to our friends over at the Berkeley Beacon, Emerson's paper, for a great article about this initiative and our future plans for the funds. Our Sports Director Madison McGahan and Marketing Director Amanda Tessier talk about how this organization can bolster an Emerson student's education. (Photo by Jack Adams/Beacon Staff.)

It's important to mention that while the funds are going directly towards broadcast equipment for the Bobbi Brown and Steven Plofker Gym where basketball and volleyball play, it's a step towards us providing more coverage at Rotch Playground where softball, lacrosse, and soccer play. We love working with these teams and once we improve our existing broadcast, we're hoping to pursue other opportunities at Rotch.

We also hope you enjoy this new video starring Emerson's Women's Lacrosse team! We had a blast working with them--they're one of the funniest teams on campus--and certainly have a fantastic sense of humor in this video. (It's important to note that it's an ode to Beyonce's 7/11 video, so check out both if you haven't already!)

Thank you again--we really can't say it enough--and please continue to share our campaign and empower our mission!

Thank You! 

  Published on Monday, Apr. 13, 2015 at 06:13 AM (EDT)
From everyone at ECS, we owe you all a huge THANK YOU for your tremendous support the first week of our campaign. Here is the progress we've made thus far:

We now need your help to spread the word. Here are some sample posts you can share with your networks:

Your gift goes straight to improving a student's education. Learn about Emerson Channel Sports' crowdfunding campaign here: https://emerson.useed.net/projects/203/home

Did you know Emerson College is up-and-coming in sports communication? Help improve the opportunities today: https://emerson.useed.net/projects/203/home

Emerson Channel Sports is building futures. Help them in their pursuit: https://emerson.useed.net/projects/203/home

Thank you again for all you've done for us! We're honored to have such a supportive community.


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