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About the EVVY Awards: 

The EVVY Awards is like no other college production in the country. Modeled after professional shows such as The Emmys and The Academy Awards, The EVVY Awards has become the largest student-produced, multi-camera, live switch event in the nation. Past EVVYs productions have been nationally recognized, earning a first place award from the National Association of College Broadcasters and two national Telly Awards. Throughout the year, Emerson students can submit their work in a wide variety of categories, creating a very competitive environment right here on campus. These submissions are then sent out to professional judges in their respective fields to ensure a fair and experienced judging process. Notable past judges have included Rachel Dratch of Saturday Night Live, Wendey Stanzler, a director from Grey’s Anatomy, and Matt Cheese, editor of Finding Neverland. Previous on stage appearances have included Denis Leary, Matt Lauer, John Cusack and Jennifer Coolidge.

Jennifer Coolidge accepts the 2015 Alumni Award of Distinction.

More than an awards show, the EVVYs is a student-run organization that provides an unmatched learning experience for more than 300 Emerson students as we create a professional-quality event over the course of the school year. With your help, these hard working students will be able to meet their full potential and be able to see their vision come to life! 

What you'll be funding:

The EVVY Awards are a large scale, professional production which takes a lot of time, effort, and money to make a reality. Below, you can read about some of the major areas your contribution will impact. By raising our goal of $10,000, the EVVYs will be able to uphold a level of excellence that stands out above the rest. 

Top-of-the-Line HD Broadcast Equipment:

This year, we will be broadcasting in High Definition for the first time ever! This past summer, our DiBona TV Studios were fully upgraded to HD, making us the highest quality student television studio in the nation. While we are able to use some of the existing in-studio cameras for our broadcast, this production requires a minimum of eleven cameras to provide full coverage of the show. These additional cameras must be rented in HD to ensure consistent quality, thus raising our costs significantly from last year. Additionally, we must allocate more money to departments such as hair and wardrobe, as the high-definition cameras will be able to pick up vivid details that were not necessarily prioritized in past years. 

The Gala

The EVVY Awards offers awards in all major areas of study and focus at Emerson, and in order to give each award the attention it deserves we split up into two different events: The Majestic Show and The Gala. The Gala, which is a banquet dinner show, is held three weeks before our main show and showcases specialties such as journalism, marketing, and online media. Putting more money towards the banquet would allow us to transform our venue (Emerson's Bobbi Brown Athletics Facility) to be fit for an awards show and giving those students who are nominated the best experience they can possibly have. It isn't easy turning a gym into a glamorous 5-star event, but you can help us make that happen so that all student work is recognized.

The awards.

Lighting and Scenic Design

The EVVYs is held in the prestigious Cutler Majestic Theatre in Boston. With the help of your donations, our lighting and scenic designers can see their visions come to life. This year, we have an alternating scenic design planned, which will help viewers enter the world of each separate performance. Additional set pieces increase the scenic design budget, but we feel that this aspect is integral to showcasing students' individuality. Another exciting element of this year's set includes a practical Edison lightbulb wall, with over 300 lights, to create an innovative yet elaborate design that will be stunning in HD quality. With no limitations our lighting and scenic design teams can reach an unmatched level of professionalism and create a set that compliments our spectacular show.

The historic Cutler Majestic Theatre, where our show takes place in May. 

Support Up-and-Coming Talent. Produce EVVY 35! 

One of our biggest goals this year is to help Emerson College continue to establish its reputation as one of the best Arts and Communication schools in the country by utilizing the top of the line resources provided and showcasing our amazing students' creativity and achievement. The EVVY Awards is an opportunity for students to get real-world experience before they graduate, which is extremely valuable and far too rare for most college students. Those attending the event will be able to see the caliber of work that Emerson students are capable of producing. Your donation allows hundreds of Emerson students to gain valuable experience to pursue their career-of-choice and continues a show that is integral to the Emerson community. 

Get Ready for the Gala! 

  Published on Monday, Apr. 11, 2016 at 08:28 PM (EDT)

There is just one week left in our campaign and one week until our Gala show!

All of us working on the EVVYs cannot believe how fast time is flying and how close we are to our two shows. We are blown away by the overwhelming support we have received from all of you who have helped us reach 85% of our goal in just three weeks!

That said, we need your help to raise the remaining $1,500 that will allow us to make our shows the best yet. Please consider supporting our campaign if you haven't already, and sharing it to get the word out.

And don't forget to join us at the Gala this coming Sunday April 17th. Buy your tickets here: https://docs.google.com/tickets to be part of a show you won't forget!

And The Nominees Are... 

  Published on Thursday, Apr. 7, 2016 at 04:57 PM (EDT)

Nominations for the EVVY Awards were announced this morning! Congratulations to all of our talented student nominees, you can check them out on our website at: /http://evvyawards.org/evvys/evvy-35-nominees/

Help us honor our nominees in the best way we can by donating to our campaign! With your help, we will be able to illuminate their acceptance speeches and present them with EVVY awards they deserve. 

Thank you to everyone who has helped make our campaign a success so far. With only ten days left, we need your help to reach our goal of $10,000!

First Week Success! 

  Published on Monday, Mar. 28, 2016 at 04:23 PM (EDT)

From everyone at the EVVY Awards, we owe a huge thank you to our friends and family for making our campaign such a huge success so far. With your support, we have far surpassed our first week's goal of $3,500 and raised nearly 80% of our goal in just over a week!

With the EVVYs fast approaching (our show is right around the corner on May 6th) our creative teams are excited to see their visions become a reality. By reaching, and even surpassing, our goal of $10,000, our creative teams will have no limits in making their beautiful set designs, lighting plots, and more come to life. 

Thanks so much again for your support, and we can't wait to see what the rest of the campaign has in store for us!

Lights, Cameras, Campaign Launch! 

  Published on Friday, Mar. 18, 2016 at 07:55 PM (EDT)

Today is the first day of our campaign and we cannot wait to involve as many people as possible to make the 35th Annual EVVY Awards the best yet. For the 300 students that will be working on the EVVYs this year, your generosity allows them to create without limits. Even the smallest donation makes a difference.

Our first weekly goal is $3,500.00. Help us achieve this in the next seven days!

Take a moment to watch our video above and learn more about the EVVYs and the talented students working to create this year's show. Even if you can't donate, please consider promoting our campaign via social media, in person, or even by e-mail. Your support is extremely appreciated!


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