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We are the Emerson Men's Basketball Team! We are a dedicated Division III basketball program competing in the highly competitive NEWMAC Conference, one of the best DIII Conferences in the country. Last year we finished our season in the NEWMAC Semi-Finals, winning the first NEWMAC Playoff Game in school history! As Division III basketball players, we play for the love of the game. All of our fundraising is done by ourselves, but fundraising on top of our rigorous academic schedule is often tough, which is why we need your help. Your support will help us continue to grow, as student-athletes, and as a team.

This year, in an effort to build off of our success and to give our team the experience of a lifetime, we are planning on taking a trip December 26th-31st over winter break to Los Angeles, where we will play 2 games against Claremont-Mudd-Scripps and Pomona-Pitzer. These are 2 very respected college programs that will not only be very tough games, but will do a great job preparing the team for a tough conference schedule. In addition, we have 3 players from California on the roster and these games give their family and friends the opportunity to see them play in person.

However this trip isn't all about basketball. It is also a fantastic opportunity for our team to create academic and social networks in Los Angeles. Emerson's dedicated multimedia curriculum is highly sought after in Southern California, so much so that Emerson actually has a Los Angeles campus that many Emerson students choose to study at. Unfortunately our players are at a disadvantage, basketball season is during both semesters, meaning our team does not have the opportunity to study there that other Emerson students have. This trip is a way to give our team the ability to experience the vibrancy of Los Angeles, while also giving them a chance to network for their future endeavors. 

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If you can, please support the Emerson Men's Basketball team trip to Los Angeles. Feel free to share this page with anyone and everyone who might be interested.

We appreciate your support! Go Lions!

Week 1 Update 

  Published on Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2016 at 02:58 PM (EDT)

Thank you so much to all of our supporters! We have crushed our week 1 goal of $5,000, raising $6,640 in just 7 days! We truly can't thank everyone enough for contributing to a cause that is so important to us. This trip truly will be an experience that our players will remember for a long long time, and we could not have made it this far without everyone. Please share our page with anyone and everyone who might be interested. Thank you!

Launch Day! 

  Published on Tuesday, Oct. 11, 2016 at 02:14 PM (EDT)

Hey Everyone!

Today is the day! The official start of our USEED Campaign! We are crazy excited to get started and have decided to set a lofty goal for the first week!

We want to raise 50% of our goal in the first 7 days. That's a whopping $5,000. So please share share share the page!

Thank you so much for the support! We appreciate every little bit! Go Lions!

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